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Who we are?

Established since 2001, when Internet toddler first steps in Vietnam, with only 4 people, starting with the building of websites and software development to specific sectors which hitherto they hang.Tu I always been a leading company in the field of domain name registration and web hosting space leased in Vietnam.

PA Vietnam is a professional company in the solution of information technology. We provide a technology platform reliability and safety.

PA Vietnam has committed to "real value" of service, greater satisfaction and confidence in demand from customers with the lowest cost, the tools support next most professional customer care service 24/7 professional customers and dedication to customers, continuously improve service quality assurance satisfy the demand from customers.

P.A Vietnam:

- Always efforts and development

- Work hard and play hard

- Where did you contribute is recognized

- A place where all the members are close together                  

PA Vietnam is the Ministry of Information Communication has granted awards outstanding achievements in the development of the national domain name

What do we do?

PA Vietnam today is a well-known brand at home and abroad are known to operate in many areas of IT:

- The domain name registration

- Renting storage space (web hosting) and email server rental.

- Rentals VPS server, Delicated and placement of servers (Co-location)

- Web designer and consultant package build system e-commerce website.

- Registration Google Adwords advertising service /, promotional SMS with top quality reputation.

- Software Development...

The company is invested by the companies P.A Viet Nam:

SSN Company Limited:

The first year (2007), Super Super Small is one of several companies active in the field of business, distribution servers, network devices, ... genuine.

From the distribution of genuine assembly line genuine server SuperMicro, Super submicroscopic quickly capture market demand and to move towards the provision of high-end server line intact packing for business events . From here, Super Super Small efforts and far outside aspect is Authorised Reseller Master - Dell PowerEdge Server of, Super Super Small has been recognized as an official partner units of many big brands have a reputation in the field of supply level server, dedicated, telecommunications network equipment, devices, hardware components of Information Technology, ... like IBM, Intel, Cisco, ...

Proud to be one of the few units in Vietnam achieved certification of Dell Enterprise Architect, Super Super Small confidently qualified for technical assistance and advice to businesses the best solutions when selecting selected using Dell servers.

For that reason, super confident submicroscopic unit distributes information technology products innovative and quality, including: servers, dedicated telecommunications network equipment ... in Computer Science, Telecommunications, Television of the best-known technology companies such World, Dell, Intel, IBM, CISCO ...