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EMail Server

P.A Viet Nam provides rental services professional Mail server stability, speed, anti-spam, anti-virus effectively. PA Vietnam is the pioneer building systems run on Server Email own fully support the complex requirements of the business.

     Speed ​​fast - stable - continuous - Safety

     Authentication SPF / DKIM / DomainKeys

     Email meet large quantity sufficient technical features of email offline, Webmail, Outlook, Mobile.

     Control Panel to manage and create email to employees, Establishing maximum capacity of each email.

     Support to setup Email Offline email forwarder.

     Employees can change their own password.

     Check the contents of the employee or the Email Manager
(Head control employee or director to control the head and staff).

     Anti Virus, Spam extremely effective.

     Support for weekly backups (We only keep a maximum data backup within 6 months).

P.A Viet Nam always offer you the service with affordable, international quality, professional service, after sales

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