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SSL & Security

P.A Viet Nam is a partner of service providers SSL major companies such as GeoTrust, Comobo, Symantec, ...


You register a domain to use website services, email, ftp, etc ... there are always vulnerabilities lead to hackers. Use SSL protected website and your customers.

Authenticate your business to exist, avoid fake website.

Security and encryption of messages exchanged between browser and server.

Secured transactions between the customer and the enterprise, the system access service.

Secure webmail and applications like Outlook Web Acess, Exchange, and Office Communications Server.

Secure virtualization applications or cloud applications.

Secure FTP services, Email.

Improve image, brand and corporate reputation.

Creating competitive advantage, increase customer confidence towards the website, increasing the number of transactions and value of online transactions by customers.


P.A Viet Nam always offer you the service with affordable, international quality, professional service, after sales

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