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- In the early years of establishment (2007), Sieu Sieu Nho Company is one of a few companies operating in the field of business, distribution of servers, network equipment, ... genuine.
- From the genuine distribution of genuine SuperMicro server clusters, the Sieu Sieu Nho Company quickly captures demand and the market to move towards providing high-end, full-featured servers for businesses. . From here, the Sieu Sieu Nho Company  and effortless Authorized Master Reseller - PowerEdge Server of Dell, Sieu Sieu Nho has been recognized as the official partner of many prestigious brands in the field of supply. Servers, specialized machines, telecommunications network equipment, hardware, information technology, such as IBM, Intel, Cisco, ...
- Proud to be one of the few units in Vietnam to attain Dell's Enterprise Architect certification, Sieu Sieu Nho Confident has the capacity to provide technical support as well as advice to the best solutions business when Optional use of the Dell server line.
- For these reasons, Sieu Sieu Nho is confident to be the distributor of advanced and quality information technology products, including: servers, specialized machines, telecommunication network equipment ... in the field of information technology. , Telecom, Television of the most famous technology companies such as Dell, Intel, IBM, CISCO ...
"Ultra-small minor official distributor of high-end server products Dell, Intel, IBM. The best choice of server with reasonable cost, reliable product, professional service "