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Dedicated Server

P.A Viet Nam with advantage have its own data center to provide customer service Server Rental best quality, stable performance and professional support 24/7

  • Dedicated Server is a server rental service separately, which you will own a dedicated server and full administrative rights to install using full independence. If Webhosting must use one common serer for many customers, can influence each other over natural resources Dedicated Server server, then now is the best solution

  • Equipped available server Dell, Intel and Cisco leading reputation, including the full cost + placement of transmission lines

  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 (Windows) RAID 0,1,10 (Linux) (Contact the business department if required)

  • Domestic and international port 100Mbps max

  • Free management tools for Windows Plesk hosting control panel for Linux & Kloxo

  • Free registration DirectAdmin for linux if time> = 6 months

  • Full Control (Full root access + hardware) Managing Server via Remote Desktop or the Tenet / SSH.

  • Actively boot server online through website / sms free (not telephoned to reboot - the first function available in VN 14/07/2008)


P.A Viet Nam always offer you the service with affordable, international quality, professional service, after sales


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