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Domain name Registrar

 Domain Registration in PA Vietnam Ltd., we provide you with the management tools really professional domain name and totally free. In addition, you can use the free utility service such as DynDNS, change DNS, Unlimited sub-domains, email forwarder ...


.VN Registrar

PA Vietnam Ltd is the largest domain registrar Vietnam under VNNIC.

gTLD Registrar

PA Vietnam Ltd is the domain name registrar was ICANN accreditation.


Manage your account online

Offered Password & Domain Control Panel professional management as Internationalized Domain Names (the only function in the register PA Vietnam)

Customer support (24/7)

Resolve and troubleshoot technical problems 24/7, with staff support experience.


DNS Management

Full support functions to change the record is free via the Control Panel

PA Vietnam Ltd is proud to be a pioneer with the Control Panel's first domain name dot VN.

Convert / Lock Domains

We recommend that you turn on the PA Vietnam Ltdde Domains are best served.

PA Vietnam Ltd protect the legitimate interests of your domain name, preventing the conversion of domain name illegally.

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