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VPS Server

P.A Viet Nam with advantage have its own data center to provide customer service virtual server best quality, stable performance and professional support

  • Virtual Servers (VPS Server) is the server is based on cloud computing technologies.

  • Advantages VPS Server is the flexibility of adjusting the configuration of RAM, CPU and HDD added almost immediately, this makes upgrading VPS servers becomes simple and easy.

  • Initialization, backup and restore virtual server (VPS Server) quickly is an advantage that a normal server can not have.

  • Using the latest technology from Intel, Cisco.

  • ControlPanel (Managed Hosting) Plesk 9.x on Windows, DirectAdmin / Kloxo on Linux

  • Manage server licensing highest (adminsitrator / root)

  • Reboot the VPS online through website / sms (exclusively available at PA Vietnam)

  • Using SAS storage technology / SSDRaid 10 is considered the fastest storage technology world.

  • Commitment of VPS RAM usage is 100% physical RAM, HDD absolutely do not use virtual memory as elsewhere


P.A Viet Nam always offer you the service with affordable, international quality, professional service, after sales


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